Does Every Story Have A Protagonist?

Can the protagonist be a villain?

Can the protagonist be the bad guy.


Though not as common as traditional, heroic protagonists, or even anti-heroes with complex motivations, there are some fully malevolent villains that serve as the protagonists of their own stories..

Can you have a story without characters?

It’s impossible to write a story without characters, at least from the fiction perspective. The reason is is because in fiction, even if there are no other characters, there is still a narrator. A narrator of any story has a personality, even if it’s your own coming through. A character doesn’t have to be a person.

Does every story have a protagonist and antagonist?

An antagonist is a specific entity that continually stands in opposition to the protagonist or main character. Not all works of fiction include an antagonist, but many do.

Does a story need a main character?

Every story needs a main character, but that character doesn’t have to be a person. For example, in Isaac Asimov’s The Last Question, Multivac is the protagonist. Sometimes, a setting or an idea can be the main character, too.

How many protagonists should a story have?

one protagonistThe majority of books only have one protagonist. It is possible to have more than one, but you need to be incredibly organised if this is the way you want to go. I would advise avoiding this at all costs for your first writing project. It doesn’t matter how much you love your story or characters, you will get confused.

Can protagonist be evil?

Short answer: yes, a protagonist can be evil. Villain protagonists are nowhere near as common as heroes, but can be done well if you do the necessary character-building, which we’ll go into shortly. Sometimes the villain protagonist will start evil and become a better person at the end.

Can a story have 2 protagonists?

Just because a story has multiple POVs doesn’t necessarily mean there are multiple protagonists. However, you cannot have multiple protagonists without having multiple POVs because, as readers, we need to experience every storyline and character arc for a main character.

Can you have two main characters?

Very few stories have multiple Main Characters within a single story. Usually, when there is more than one Main Character, there is more than one story going on. … Stories that have multiple Main Characters work because the MC’s share exactly the same world view and they “hand off” the role back and forth.

What if there is no antagonist?

An Antagonist is crucial for any story, because otherwise its not a story, its just a series of events that happen. Without an antagonist of any description there is nothing for the hero to overcome.

Can a story not have a plot?

Plots and Stories. A plot is not a story, nor does every story have a strong plot. Good writers know the importance of both plot and story, especially before they dare to write a story with a “weak” or “thin” plot.

Can you write a story without a protagonist?

If you had a one-line story, the subject of the story would still be the protagonist. I don’t see of any way to write a story without a protagonist. You could have a story with numerous protagonists (assuming that the focus of the story was constantly changing), but you’d still have a protagonist.

What does plot mean?

A plot is a literary term for the main events in a story. It’s also known as the storyline. The plot is created by the story’s author, who arranges actions in a meaningful way to shape the story. This means that not all stories are told in chronological order.