How Does Rainsford Resourceful?

How does Rainsford describe hunting?

At the beginning of the story, Rainsford is an avid hunter, feeling man is superior to animals, that his prey has no feelings, and that hunting in general is just a game.

He thinks that the world is divided between the hunter and the hunted..

Why did Rainsford fall off the yacht?

Rainsford’s fall from the yacht is caused by his lunging for his pipe, which is knocked from his mouth as it strikes a rope after he leaps upon a rail. … As he balances himself, his pipe is knocked from his mouth by a rope.

What does Rainsford do when he gets close to the cliffs?

What does Rainsford do when he gets close to the cliffs? When Rainsford reached the cliffs, he jumped.

What did Rainsford look like?

He was a tall man past middle age, for his hair was a vivid white; but his thick eyebrows and pointed military moustache were as black as the night from which Rainsford had come. His eyes, too, were black and very bright.

What character traits does Rainsford have?

Intelligent, experienced, and level-headed, Rainsford uses his wits and physical prowess to outwit General Zaroff. His understanding of civilization and the relationship between hunter and prey is radically transformed during his harrowing days on the island.

How did Rainsford win the game?

In Connell’s short story The Most Dangerous Game, Rainsford was able to defeat General Zaroff. … Rainsford is able to escape capture by making Zaroff think that he died. Rainsford returns to Zaroff’s castle, surprises him, and kills him. Therefore, Rainsford wins the game by exterminating Zaroff.

How many days must Rainsford survive the hunt?

threeAnswer and Explanation: In The Most Dangerous Game, Rainsford must avoid being hunted down and killed by Zaroff for three consecutive days.

Does Rainsford kill zaroff?

Rainsford kills Zaroff after he won, when he is possibly in no danger. Also to know, how did zaroff die in the most dangerous game? The General accepted his challenge, adding that the winner would sleep in the bed. At the story’s end, Rainsford claims he had never slept in a better bed.

How does Rainsford see the world?

At the beginning of the short story, what “two classes” does Rainsford believe make up the world? Rainsford believes that the world is made up of hunters and hunted. A world-renowned big-game hunter and the story’s protagonist. A Russian Cossack and expatriate who lives on Ship-Trap Island and enjoys hunting men.

Why does Rainsford say I still a beast at bay?

He refers to himself as a “beast at bay” because he is unable to retreat and forced to face danger. “Bay” is a reference to the baying or barking of dogs used in hunting. In Rainsford’s case, he has chosen to face Zaroff a final time in the hope that he can eliminate his foe.

What is the first conflict Rainsford must face?

What is the first conflict that Rainsford must face? He must save himself from the ocean. Which detail best helps you visualize Rainsford during the hunt?

What place does General zaroff tell Rainsford to avoid?

What place does General Zaroff tell Rainsford to avoid? Why? place to hunt humans because he has already hunted every kind of animal and got bored.

What does Rainsford think is the most dangerous game?

But I got the brute.” “I’ve always thought,” said Rainsford, “that the Cape buffalo is the most dangerous of all big game.” For a moment the general did not reply; he was smiling his curious red-lipped smile.

Is Rainsford a good person?

He seems to be a moral person, holding human life higher than animal life, but is also willing to kill to preserve his own life. In essence, he is the polar opposite of General Zaroff, who kills humans for pleasure; Rainsford has a personal moral code, which he is forced to break for his own survival.

How did Rainsford kill Ivan?

Ivan is killed by a trap that Rainsford set. It is made even harder on this particular day because Zaroff has brought Ivan and the hunting dogs. In a last-ditch attempt to set a trap for his pursuers, Rainsford ties his knife to a bendable branch. … Instead, Rainsford realizes that his knife trap has killed Ivan.

How is Rainsford intelligent?

Rainsford’s intelligence in the story. He has to try to survive. … This is one example of how intelligent he is because it shows how he can use prior knowledge to get out of a quick situation. Another example of foreshadowing of Rainsford’s intelligence is when he dug a Burmese tiger pit.

Why does the General smile and turn away?

Why does General Zaroff smile and turn away from the tree were Rainsford is hiding? So that he can continue the game because it has only been four hours. … Summarize what happens to Rainsford and Zaroff at the end of the story.

What are the terms of the game if Rainsford wins?

5. If Rainsford wins the hunt, what does Zaroff promise him? He’ll let him live and will take him to the mainland near a town.

What three traps did Rainsford set?

Rainsford sets four traps in total: the Malay Mancatcher, involving a large tree falling on anyone who sets off the trigger; the Burmese Tiger Pit, where someone falls into a camouflaged hole with stakes at the bottom; the Ugandan Spring Trap, where a knife is tied to a loose sapling that springs forward; and finally …

Where is Rainsford from?

LancashireRainsford is an English-language surname, a variation of the toponymic surname Rainford from the village Rainford, Lancashire. Notable people with the surname include: Andrew Rainsford Wetmore (1820–1892), New Brunswick politician and jurist.