Question: Should You Leave Your Curtains Open Or Closed When Away?

Is it safe to leave lights on for a week?

Can I leave a light on for a week.

Assuming the light bulb does not exceed the rated wattage for the light fixture, it is safe to leave the light bulb on for your vacation..

What temperature should you keep your house when you are away?

When leaving on vacation — usually more than three days — set your thermostat to 50-55 degrees F in the winter to prevent against freezing pipes and to 85-90 degrees F (or even turn it off) in the summer.

What do I need to do to leave my house for a month?

Securing Your Home When You Are AwayLock All External Doors, Windows, and the Garage. … Don’t Hide House Keys. … Ask Neighbors and the Police To Watch. … Set Programmable Light Timers. … Activate Motion Activated Outdoor Floodlights. … Window Blinds, Visible Valuables, and Safe Deposit Boxes. … Stop the Mail and Newspaper Deliveries.More items…•

How can I keep my house fresh while on vacation?

Alert The Alarm Company. … Consider Opening Closet Doors. … Clean Your Garbage Disposal. … Unplug Small Appliances. … Stop All Newspapers. … Adjust The Thermostat. … Set Your Water Heater. … Address Standing Toilet Water.More items…•

Should I leave curtains open or closed when on holiday?

The reality is, the vast majority of people choose to close their curtains before they leave on vacation or keep them closed at their second home when not occupied. According to their opinions, closed curtains don’t allow burglars to see if there is someone inside your house. And of course, this will deter burglars.

Should you close your curtains at night?

Closing blinds and curtains at night is a safe and respectful way to live in most cases.

Should blinds be open or closed in winter?

By closing the blinds, you keep direct sunlight out of your home and reduce unwanted solar heat gain. Closing window blinds can also save energy in the winter. During cold nights, heat is lost through windows. Closing the blinds adds some insulation to the windows, reducing heat loss.

What do you do when you leave your house for 3 months?

How to Close a House for Three MonthsShut off any propane or natural gas or propane valves. … Unplug all electrical and electronic appliances. … Store all outside patio furniture and tools inside the house.Prune trees with overhanging branches that could fall on your house in a high windstorm.Drain the plumbing system.More items…

What do you do when you leave your house for a long time?

A Checklist to Complete If You’re Leaving Your Home for an Extended Period of TimeAlert the post office to hold your mail until you return. … Stage your home as if you are still there. … Set an alarm. … Place small valuables in a hidden place or safe. … Hire someone or notify your neighbor to do the simple things.

How do you keep your house safe when you’re away?

Inside the houseSet timers on interior lights. This goes a long way in deterring burglars, who often look for crimes of opportunity. … Power surges. … Don’t make or socialize status updates. … Alert your alarm company. … Secure valuables. … Set the HVAC. … Protect your pipes. … Check doors and windows.

Should I leave a light on when I go away?

We recommend setting two of your mains lights to go on and off whilst your away. This helps build the illusion that your not just home but your actively moving around it. … Setting lights to turn on and off multiple times a day across a 7 day week helps reinforce the idea your still there.

Should you leave your lights on at night?

It Depends. Leaving your lights on at night might not be effective at deterring crime if there is no one around to see it, research shows. You’re about to go to bed.

How often does your house need to be checked when on vacation?

Most home insurance policies require you to have someone check your home if you are away for more than five days. It’s always a good idea to leave a key with a neighbour and make sure they have your contact information should any issues arise.

Does keeping blinds closed keep house cooler?

Smart Home Cooling Tips. Close your blinds and curtains. Keeping your blinds closed during the day will reflect a surprising amount of heat radiating in through windows, especially during the time of day when the sun’s rays shine directly on your home.

Why you shouldn’t close your blinds during the day?

While you may be focused on removing the dust in your home, according to an article published in Science Daily, letting the sunshine into your home through the windows can actually kill bacteria that live in the remaining dust and this can help decrease the risk of respiratory issues.

Is it better to leave blinds open or closed?

For instance, choosing lighter curtains, voile or blinds in a lighter colour could help to reflect the sun’s rays out of the room, so it’s worth keeping these closed. If you have dark fabric curtains then it’s probably best to keep them open, as dark colours will draw in the heat and could leave the room even warmer.

Should you close your blinds when you go on holiday?

Leaving all your curtains closed can also be a bit of a giveaway, but you don’t want thieves peering into your living room either. A good compromise is to use blinds, as these will let some of the light from inside through without allowing a clear view of your rooms from outside.