Question: What Does SP Mean In A Crossword?

What does HYPH mean in crossword?

“Hyperactive, crazy” can be abbreviated as HYPH.

What is the meaning of HYPH abbreviation?.

What day is the easiest crossword?

MondayThe puzzle becomes increasingly difficult throughout the week, with the easiest puzzle on Monday and the most difficult puzzle on Saturday. The larger Sunday crossword, which appears in The New York Times Magazine, is an icon in American culture; it is typically intended to be as difficult as a Thursday puzzle.

What are the rules for crossword?

Do not repeat words in the grid. Do not make up words and phrases. Every answer must have a reference or else be in common use in everyday speech or writing. (Modern rule) The vocabulary in a crossword must be lively and have very little obscurity.

What does obs mean in crossword?

It means ‘obsolete’. A tax no longer used.

What does l mean in a crossword?

On crossword solving blogs/communities, solutions are sometimes explained in shorthand notation such as {A}{C}{CLIMAx*} for ACCLAIM, CAL(1)L<= for LILAC, or ~(tale)+SPIN for TAILSPIN. ... Crossword sites generally carry a key to the annotation format – for example, THCC displays an "Annotations" widget on the sidebar.

What does Pref mean in crosswords?

Clue 36 across is ‘Modern: pref. ‘ Crosswords tends to have a language of their own, and the most frustrating part is understanding the directions. In this case, the puzzle asks for another word for ‘modern’ that’s a prefix. Because it’s written ‘pref. ‘, the answer will be shortened or abbreviated.

What does anag mean in crosswords?

Cheap (anag.) ( 5) An anagram clue in a cryptic crossword is rather more sophisticated than this, and will normally consist of three parts: a definition; the letters to be rearranged (sometimes referred to by crossword fans as the ‘anagram fodder’); and an indication that the letters are to be rearranged.

What does for one mean in a crossword?

Without examples it’s hard to say, but “for one” is usually intended to mean “is an example of”. For instance the answer to the clue “Lassie, for one” might be “dog”.

What the S in GPS stands for crossword?

what the s in gps stands forWhat the S in GPS stands forSYSTEMGP’s stand-in (5)LOCUM39 more rows

What does Arch mean in crosswords?

Anytime (arch) is used in crossword it is using arch as abbreviation for archaic and wanting an out of date word to be used, in this example nigh. People don’t say nigh anymore.

What does say mean crossword?

“Say” for EG, used to mean “for example”.

What do circles in NYT Crossword mean?

Circle-in-the-square is a type of crossword puzzle in which circles appear in some of the Answer squares. … the letters in squares that contain circles spell out words related to the theme either when read consecutively or when rearranged to form theme-related words.

What do numbers in parentheses mean in crossword?

Here’s a clue, for example: “Stares at torn pages (5).” (Numbers in parentheses following a clue are a conventional notation in British puzzles and indicate the number of letters in the answer, saving you the bother of counting squares in the diagram.)

What does Coll mean in crossword?

ExcellentClue. Answer. Excellent (coll) (11)

What does SP mean in a crossword puzzle?

that are strictly foreignIf a crossword answer is not a Standard English word, the clue will usually signal this fact. Thus, a slangy answer will have a slangy clue. … Similarly, words that are strictly foreign will be signaled either directly (”Boy: Sp.