Question: What Is The Antonym For Study?

What is the antonym for student?

Antonyms of STUDENT fool, illiterate person, dunce, teacher, idler, ignoramus, professor..

What do you call a learner?

In this page you can discover 24 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for learner, like: apprentice, scholar, novice, teach, pupil, student, abecedarian, beginner, trainee, ignoramus and prentice.

What is the synonym for study?

SYNONYMS. investigate, inquire into, research, conduct research into, look into, examine, analyse, explore, probe, monitor, review, appraise, survey, conduct a survey of, scrutinize, dissect, delve into. informal check out, suss out.

What is a good name for a youth group?

Other Creative Youth Group Names IdeasTeens for Truth.Mountain Movers.Nu Creations.All for Jesus.Christ’s Crusaders.Servants of Salvation.Good for God.Faith in Following.More items…

What is another word for teacher?

Synonyms of teachereducationist.[chiefly British],educator,instructor,pedagogue.(also pedagog),preceptor,schoolteacher.

What’s another name for career?

We often use the word “career” as a synonym for occupation, trade, profession, or vocation.

What’s another word for career?

SYNONYMS FOR career 2 vocation, calling, work, lifework, livelihood.

What is another name for future?

In this page you can discover 89 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for future, like: anticipated, prospective, inevitable, forthcoming, coming time, in the course of time, to-be, tomorrow, impending, coming and approaching.

What is the antonym for best?

Antonyms for bestinferior.last.poor.extra.least.low.low-class.minor.More items…

What is another name for Bible study?

What is another word for bible study?theologybeliefteachingdenominationpietydevotionworshiporthodoxyreligiositypietism73 more rows

What is another word for study hard?

What is another word for study hard?apply oneselfbe assiduousstruggletoiltry hardbe attentivecommit oneselfdevote oneselfmake an effortpay attention104 more rows

What happens at Bible study?

They open and close with prayer and they do an in-depth study of the verse in the bible. Many times it is helpful because just “reading” does not open your eyes. Though there may exist some form of worship and prayer, the purpose of Bible study is to collectively grasp an understanding of God through His Word.

What is a student called?

Students can be children, teenagers, or adults who are going to school, but it may also be other people who are learning, such as in college or university. A younger student is often called a pupil. … A student can also be a person studying for a specific profession.

What is an antonym for career?

What is the opposite of career?joblessredundantunemployedlaid offon the doleout of workout of a job

How long does Bible study take?

Typically, you are reading from the Psalms, Proverbs, Old and New Testaments covering about 4 – 5 chapters daily. If you read fast, you can finish in about 15 minutes per daily reading. A slow reader might take 20 to 30 minutes. What is your purpose of reading the Bible?