Quick Answer: Is REM A Kuudere?

What is the male version of Yandere?

Ayato AishiAyato Aishi, also known as Yandere-kun, is the male equivalent of Ayano..

Who killed REM?

4 Answers. The short answer is… Yes, he was killed because of his witch smell. Rem is very suspicious of Subaru in this time frame.

What is a Bakadere?

Bakadere. The Bakadere (ばかデレ) type refers to a character who is very clumsy and stupid. For the most part they’re very innocent and sweet, but their stupidity outshines their other attributes. The word is a compound of Baka (ばか) which means stupid or moron and Deredere (デレデレ) which means lovey dovey.

Why did puck kill Subaru?

Puck has seen how determined Subaru can be when it comes to saving those he cares about with his will power far exceeding his need for strength. Puck kills Subaru because he knows he has the ability of Return By Death. He believes that the only way to save everyone at the castle, is to make him return by death.

Is Ram better than REM?

Like I said before – Ram has insecurities too, just like Rem. But the difference is: Ram is able to accept her flaws and shortcomings. That’s the biggest difference between Rem and Ram as far as confidence and self-esteem goes. Ram is able to admit her flaws without belittling herself or getting depressed.

Who is the best girl in re Zero?

4 Best Girl: Loyal Rem is one of the most loyal anime characters ever. As talked about in the points above, she is incredibly loyal even if she knows she will never be as important as her friend Emilia. Her loyalty draws many fans towards her and helps make her even more popular.

Is REM real re Zero?

Did Rem die? Rem is in a coma but not dead. She has been erased from everyone’s existence except Subaru. Unfortunately, his save-point is after Rem’s death, so he can’t go back in time to save her.

Does Subaru fall in love with REM?

Subaru loves them equally, but still categorized them in first and second, emila being first, and rem second. In his journey , Rem is the cause of Subaru’s Determination, while Emilia is the Driving force of his actions, everything he does, is bcause of her.

What episode does REM get rejected?

From Zero (ゼロから) is the eighteenth episode of the Re:Zero anime.

What is a Oujidere?

The Oujidere (おうじデレ) type refers to a character who wishes to be treated like a prince by the person he loves, even if they aren’t royalty in actuality. This word is an abbreviation of Ouji (おうじ) which means prince and Deredere (デレデレ) which means lovey dovey.

Is PUCK a Satella?

2 Answers. Puck is a spirit contracted to Emilia. His identity was revealed during the royal election speech, where during her speech (which was shortened in the anime) Roswaal provoked Subaru to instigate a few of the elders and the knights for her being a half-elf with silver hair.

Why did REM disappear?

If you want a quick answer, Rem was on the way back to the Capital with Crusch but were attacked by the Sin Archbishops of Greed and Gluttony, leaving Rem in a coma-like state with all her memories and name erased from existence (and Crusch remained alive but her memories were eaten).

How did Elsa Granhiert die?

Having no parents, Elsa grew up as a thief on the streets of Gusteko, the icy kingdom located to the north of Lugunica. One day, Granhiert was caught stealing and was forced to slit her captor’s stomach open when he tried to rape her, marking her first kill.

What dere is sayori?

DeredereSayori is a Deredere. And Monika is a Kamidere.

Is REM in love with Misa?

Film. Rem in the film is much like her anime and manga counterpart. She is devoted to Misa and attempts to protect her at any cost, including giving her own life. In the second movie, Rem declares her love for Misa and her contempt for Light moments before her death.

Is REM a tsundere?

Rem is introduced in Re:Zero’s second arc, the Butler Arc, where the protagonist, Subaru, becomes a butler. Rem and Ram are twin sisters, and are initially very cold towards Subaru, falling vaguely in the tsundere character archetype. … This is so extreme a variant of tsundere, her tsuntsun is literally homicidal.

Are REM and RAM demons?

Rem. One of the twin demons who work at Roswaal’s mansion as maids, Rem is Ram’s younger sister. She has blue hair which she wears parted on the left, and still has a full horn, which grants her magical power.

Is PUCK Emilia’s father?

Puck is not Emilia’s father, even though the bond they share may be similar to one. He is an Artificial Spirit, and thus incapable of conceiving. Furthermore, Emilia’s birth father is an elf who fell in love with a human, which resulted in her birth.