What Is The Sum Of 15?

What is the sum of 15 and its additive inverse?

What is the additive inverse of 15 and how do you calculate the additive inverse of 15.

When we solve the equation above for x, we get x = -15.

Thus, the answer to “What is the additive inverse of 15?” is -15..

What 3 numbers add up to 15?

Therefore the average sum of three numbers is 45:3=15. The number 15 is called the magic number of the 3×3 square. You can also achieve 15, if you add the middle number 5 three times. The odd numbers 1,3,7, and 9 occur twice in the reductions, the even numbers 2,4,6,8 three times and the number 5 once.

How can you make a sum of 15?

The possible number whose combination would result in sum of 15 are: 69, 78, 87, 96. So, there are only 4 combinations which would result in 15.

What 2 numbers have a sum of 15 and 36?

1 Answer. The numbers are 3 and 12 .

What two numbers have a sum of 15 and a difference of 3?

Hence, the two numbers are 9 and 6.

What is the sum of two numbers is 15 and their difference is 5?

Answer. Answer: the 2 numbers are 5, and 10.

What is the sum of two odd numbers?

Odd numbers have the digits 1, 3, 5, 7 or 9 in their ones place. The sum of two odd numbers is always even. The product of two or more odd numbers is always odd.

What is the sum of all numbers?

For those of you who are unfamiliar with this series, which has come to be known as the Ramanujan Summation after a famous Indian mathematician named Srinivasa Ramanujan, it states that if you add all the natural numbers, that is 1, 2, 3, 4, and so on, all the way to infinity, you will find that it is equal to -1/12.

What has a sum of 15 and a difference of 7?

The sum of 2 numbers is 15 and the difference is 7. What is the answer? The smaller number = 7.5-3.5 or 4, and the larger number is 7.5+3.5 or 11. Answer.

How do you find the sum of two numbers?

Answer: Sum means add and product means multiply. The two numbers are 1 and 12, as 1 + 12 = 13 and 1 multiplied by 12 gives 12.

What is the sum of 4 and its additive inverse?

Definition of Additive Inverse If y is the additive inverse of x, then y = -x or vice versa. For example, the additive inverse of the positive number 4 is -4. That’s because their sum is zero, or 4 + (-4) = 0. So, Additive Inverse of a number is the negative of that number.

What is the sum of a fraction and its additive inverse?

This means that the sum of a number and its additive inverse equals 0. So your answer is (5/6). Now the multiplicative inverse is the reciprocal. A reciprocal is a fraction flipped upside down.